Why Choose In Home Care for Loved Ones in Scarborough, ME?


Learn 5 reasons why you should choose in home care


There are many reasons a senior may find themselves in need of daily living support, including a sudden illness, injury, or accident. Others may have long-term issues such as chronic pain, limited mobility, or a progressive health condition. Regardless of the reason for the need, seniors who require daily living support no longer have to worry about being moved to a convalescent or nursing home. Today, in-home care can provide the supports and services that a senior requires to remain safe in the comfort and convenience of their own home.


5 Reasons to Choose In Home Care


Let's take a look at five advantages of in-home care.


1.  While a nursing home or assisted living facility may provide care, they are seldom as comfortable as one's own home. A nursing home simply provides a single private or semi-private room with access to common areas during set hours. An assisted living community provides much more freedom than a nursing home, but space is still going to be considerably limited. In both instances, a senior will need to get rid of most of their possessions and significantly reduce the number of items they are allowed to bring with them. For seniors who have many memories tied to the items in their home, this can create extremely stressful and emotional challenges.


2.  Research has shown that recovering from an illness or medical procedure in one's home can speed recovery and reduce the chances of hospital readmission. At home, there is also a significantly lower risk of exposure to viruses, bacteria, and infections which can lead to a secondary condition that is often worse than the initial illness.


3.  In-home care provides maximum freedom and independence. Both nursing homes and assisted living facilities have numerous rules, routines, and expectations. For seniors who have enjoyed being their own person for the majority of their lives, giving up the freedom associated with living in one's own home can be a very difficult adjustment.


4.  Family and friends are much more likely to visit and socialize when the senior is at home. Studies find that most family members and friends still visit their loved ones in both assisted living and nursing homes and do not "dump" them in an institution. Yet, the frequency with which visits are made, and the depth of support that is offered, is still much greater when the senior is at home.


5.  In-home care almost always costs significantly less than a nursing home or assisted living facility. The average monthly rent for a single bedroom assisted living apartment is $3600. This cost typically includes basic housekeeping services, but other supports often need to be purchased a la carte. On average, nursing homes cost nearly twice this amount. Unless a senior requires round-the-clock, full-time care, the costs of in-home care are not even in the same arena. And, even if comprehensive care is required, the social and emotional benefits of in-home care still tip the scales in favor or receiving care in one's own home.


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