Nursing Home Versus In-Home Care in South Portland, ME


Read about the benefits of In-Home care for seniors 


For many American seniors, nursing homes are an important part of aging with grace and dying with dignity. Yet, surveys indicate that most American elderly are afraid of the nursing home experience. Much of this fear may be a result of Hollywood horror stories or shared tales of substandard institutions. While many nursing homes of the past may have fallen into the realm of the less-than-great; today, the majority of them are fine establishments, and seniors who require frequent, comprehensive medical support are often best cared for in a nursing home environment.


For as great as nursing homes are for a percentage of American seniors, the reality is that nearly 90 percent of senior’s desire to remain in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Not only do seniors fear the inherent loss of autonomy that comes with moving into a nursing home, but they are afraid of being isolated once they move away from the place they call home.


In-Home Care in South Portland, ME Can Help Your Loved One Live Independently 


Thankfully, there is another option for seniors who require help with activities of daily living but do not need require the extent of care that a nursing home is designed to provide. In fact, most seniors can have their needs met by in-home care providers who can easily meet their support requirements.


Comfort Keepers provides non-medical in-home support for seniors at their place of residence, including housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, running errands, local transportation, and even personal care (bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, etc.). Some Comfort Keepers locations also offer private-duty nursing support for seniors who require tube or ostomy care, sliding scale medication management, complex rehabilitation, feeding tubes management, have complicated wound care requirements, or who need advanced medical equipment.


In the end, in-home care or nursing home support is truly a personal decision. Both provide excellent care and support for seniors. When it comes to independence, privacy, and discreet services; however, there is simply no substitute for in-home care. When a caregiver arrives at a senior's home, the senior is the sole focus of care and not nursing rounds, another senior's needs, or a predetermined service schedule. Further, each aspect of in-home care is personally-tailored and designed to integrate physical assistance with social, emotional, and cognitive support.


For more information about in-home care or to find out if Comfort Keepers personalized care and support is available in your loved one's location, contact a senior care coordinator today.


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